Can the War memories Be Unvelied?
Euro-mediterranenan Film Festival, Piran, Slovenia, 29 November – 2 December 2012:
Children of Sarajevo (Djeca) by Aida Begić

In Children of Sarajevo (Djeca, 2012) Rahima walks fast, with a concerned and stern look in her eyes. She seems to be running out of time. Her face is, simultaneously, gentle and exhausted, melancholic and determined, as the hand-held camera follows her small, but decisive, steps to the school of her teenage brother Nedim. Nedim is in trouble because he broke the iPhone of a fellow pupil, who happens to be the son of a Minister, in a school fight. Soon we discover that Nedim has many problems in school and is involved in some serious and dangerous criminal activities.

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Children of SarajevoChildren of Sarajevo 


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