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17.500 people attended the festival, which offered programme and guests worth respect


Around 17.500 people attended the event at the 36th edition of the "Manaki Brothers" festival which lasted for 10 days. Two hundred films – long, short, feature, documentary, students', children's films were shown in the 13 festival programs. The films were screened in 4 halls. The entire program, along with the OFF Program, which consisted of album promotions, concerts, DJ performances, took place at 22 locations in total. Bitola's citizens showed strong interest in the events in the OFF program, 31 of them in total. The intensive preparations for the festival started in the middle of April, when the festival's first project was the presentation at the film festival in Cannes, within the South-East European Pavilion. Cannes helped us make contacts with a big part of this year's guests, as well as regarding the film program or the film selection.

30 people worked on organizing the festival, while for the entire realization helped 13 photographs (who made an archive of 21.000 photos), 25 guest stewards, 65 volunteers, 20 members of the technical support team. The festival awarded 10 awards in total, one award was given by the Hungarian FilmLab amounting to 10.000 euros for the director of the best film in the New European Cinema program, Grimur Hokanarson.

The festival was host of great film artists: Aleksey Serebryakov, Bruno Ganz, Bozidar Bota-Nikolic, Jaromir Sofr and many more. The films: "Lazar" by Svetozar Ristovski, "Sicario" by David Villeneuve, "Macbeth" by Justin Kurzel attracted the audience's interest the most.

In the Additional program of the festival there were: six master classes (Bozidar – Bota Nikolic, Hayet Benkara, Ryszard Lenczewski, Jaromir Sofr and two by Milco Mancevski), five workshops (Pece Kotevski, Deborah van Dam, Wim Coryn, Miguel Llanso, Sofr and Marek Jicha), two panel-discussions (Ana Vasilevska – Macedonian film in the past 25 years and film critic today, led by Gena Teodosievska along with five guests –critics, six presentations (Ohrid Film Academy, Torino FilmLab, SONY, Ater Studio, Easyrig and Vision.mk, one conference and three exhibitions.Milco Mancevski's and Bozidar – Bota Nikolic's master-classes drew most attention. 12 presenters form the region and beyond participated in the IMAGO conference. We had 65 students from 13 film academies and faculties with which we have signed cooperation contracts. The festival awarded the best student's film, "Milevin potiljak" by director Nikica Zdunic who had his award granted by the director Milco Mancevski. This year, the festival paid a lot of attention to online promotion through оur webpage, especially through the particular content called Manaki Daily in which through videos, photos and news in English we marked all festival events. This platform saw 100 photo galleries, 62 news covered with one or several photos as well as ten daily video-chronicles and one cumulative video-chronicle, including all the most important event at the festival.

Right with this novelty we are receiving positive reactions from around the world, even from former festival guests who through joking wrote us that following us on the site, they feel as if they were in Bitola. Around 2.700 children saw the six films from the Vip Junior Program. Moreover, about 50 students were guests at the festival and took part in the programs. Around 550 children attended the world premiere of "Phantom boy", first cartoon completely dubbed by actors from the National Theater of Bitola.

The new team first year was tremendously important for the pulse of the audience to be sensed and to keep on going with the good story that festival has had through years. Having two things on mind – the rich programme and ten days lasting (three days more than last years), director Mitko Panov, jury member of the Official programme, made joke: "This year, festival lastst for two years."

Srebra Gjorgijevska


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