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33. Torino Film Festival, Italija
(20 – 28. november, 2015)

torino film festivaltorino film festival

Smješten u glavnom gradu živopisne, veličanstveno lijepe piemonteške regije, Torino Filmski Fetsival (TFF) nije mogao izabrati ljepši i magičniji grad kao domaćina umjetnosti jednake magije. TFF predstavlja filmski izazov i u smislu programskog sadržaja i broja prikazanih filmskih ostvarenja, kako za odanu sinefilsku publiku (koja je ovdje impresivno masovna!), tako i za zahtjevne žirije.

Mnogi festivalski segmenti, sa sekcijama glavnog takmičarskog programa, medjunarodnih dokumentarnih filmova (čija sam bila članica žirija), Onde, After Hours, Festa, kratkih filmova, retrospective Things to come ("earth of tomorrow seen from cinema") nude bogat i raznovrstan filmski program – oko dvjesta filmova u dvanaest bioskopa.


Saradnja sa Torino Film Labom održava svoj prestižni status podrške kvalitetnim prvim filmskim projektima. A broj gledalaca stalno raste, zajedno sa brojem prodatih ulaznica, zahvaljući i sjajnoj , energičnoj i entuzijastičnoj direktorici festivala, Emmanueli Martini i njenom posvećenom timu. Martini uspijeva da stvori, zahvaljući svojoj dobitnoj kombinaciji vesele neformalnosti, elegantne duhovitosti i ozbiljnosti u radu (ovo je rijedak festival na kojem je moje prezime izgovoreno besprijekorno), jednu od najopuštenijih atmosfera na ceremoniji festivalskih zatvaranja, koja je, prije svega, usredsređjena na filmska ostvarenja i filmske radnike, a manje na entertainment show.

Festival je, zaista, pravo uzivanje za sve sinefile!

Maja Bogojević

33rd Torino Film Festival: Official Awards

28 November 2015


The Jury of Torino 33 – International Feature Film Competition, composed of Valerio Mastandrea, Marco Cazzato, Josephine Decker, Jan-Ole Gerster, Corin Hardy, assigns the following awards:

Best Film
(€ 15,000) to:
KEEPER by Guillaume Senez (Belgium/Switzerland/France, 2015)

Special Jury Award – Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (€ 7,000) to:
LA PATOTA by Santiago Mitre (Argentina/Brazil/France, 2015)

Best Actress Award to:
Dolores Fonzi for the film LA PATOTA by Santiago Mitre (Argentina/Brazil/France, 2015)

Best Actor Award to:
Karim Leklou for the film COUP DE CHAUD by Raphaël Jacoulot (France, 2015)

Best Screenplay Award ex-aequo to:
A SIMPLE GOODBYE by Degena Yun (China, 2015)


SOPLADORA DE HOJAS by Alejandro Iglesias Mendizábal (Mexico, 2015)

Special Mention to:
GOD BLESS THE CHILD by Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck (USA, 2015)

Audience Award to:
COUP DE CHAUD by Raphaël Jacoulot (France, 2015)


The Jury of Internazionale.doc, composed of Maja Bogojevic, Leonardo Di Costanzo, Marie Losier, assigns the following awards:

Best Film for Internazionale.doc (€5,000) to:
FI RASSI ROND-POINT by Hassen Ferhani (Algeria/France, 2015)

For the following reason:
For the precision, meticulousness and pertinence of the choices, which transform a place of harsh work and death into a series of tableaux vivants full of delicacy, irony and human warmth.

Special Jury Award for Internazionale.doc to:
GIPSOFILA by Margarida Leitão (Portugal, 2015)

For the following reason:
A touching and affectionate portrait of the filmmaker's grandmother and her relationship with her granddaughter which illustrates, with superbly faceted humor, stories of conflicts, adventures, ties and misunderstandings between the women of three different generations. With candid sincerity and through a minimalistic, cinéma verité documentary approach, the mature filmmaker Margarida Leitão depicts the emotionally intense moments of happiness and sadness in the life of the women.


The Jury of Italiana.doc, composed of Jonas Carpignano, Minnie Ferrara, Giovanni Giommi, assigns the following awards:

Best Film for Italiana.doc in collaboration with Persol (€ 5,000) to:
IL SOLENGO by Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis (Italy, 2015)

For the following reason:
A succession of "local rumors" represents the narrative structure of this perfectly made film. The revenge in the creative documentary of the "talking heads" which, like a tragic chorus, introduce us to the story of a solitary and mysterious man, who seems to have disappeared into thin air. The photography and the meticulous soundtrack are fundamental to the success of the entire movie. The surprise finale is unexpected and delightful, the pivot around which the equilibrium of the narration revolves.

Special Jury Award for Italiana.doc to:
LA GENTE RESTA by Maria Tilli (Italy, 2015)

For the following reason:
For its ability to tell the story of the Resta family, the children's marvelous spontaneity, the women's lives, the men's work, along with a city which experiences with intensity the debate around the factory and the sea. A contextualizing and convincing film which takes the spectator into the most hidden corners of Taranto and transmits with simplicity the fears and hopes of the people who remain.


The Jury of Italiana.corti, composed of Dente, François Farellacci, Tiziana Lo Porto, assigns the following awards:

Chicca Richelmy Award for Best Film (€ 2,000 offered by the Associazione Chicca Richelmy) to:
LE DOSSIER DE MARI S. by Olivia Molnàr (Belgium, 2015)

For the following reason:
For having transformed the multiplicity of supports and techniques into a point of strength and not of dispersion. For the recognizability and the personality of its gaze and the expressive use of sounds and music. For having shown faith in cinema's ability to transmit emotions and tell stories.

Special Jury Award to:
LA DOLCE CASA by Elisabetta Falanga (Italy, 2015)

For the following reason:
For its ability to listen to and dialogue with reality. Because it understands that the "prise de risqué" is the indispensable premise for any gaze with documentary intent.


Achille Valdata Award for Best Short Film in collaboration with La Stampa - Torino Sette to:
TRAM STORIES by Leone Balduzzi (Italy, 2015)

For the following reason:
For the modernity and irony of the mise-en-scène and the unusual editing.


The Jury of the FIPRESCI Award, composed of Kerem Akca, Gyözö Miklos Mátyás, Luca Pellegrini, assigns the Award for Best Film to:
LES LOUPS by Sophie Deraspe (Canada/France, 2015)

For the following reason:
Les loups is a clear and true journey into territories which still appear unknown. Sophie Deraspe draws the human and environmental relationships with great dramatic power; she transforms the gelid ecological metaphor into a warm family drama, without forcing her point and with sensitivity as a woman and author, creating a film that is both essential and emotional.


The Jury, composed of Francesco Tullio Altan, Mariano Morace, Costanza Quatriglio assigns the 2015 Cipputi Award – Best Film About the Working World to:
IL SUCCESSORE by Mattia Epifani (Italy, 2015)



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